Lindsey Hay was elated to discover that she was expecting quadruplets, despite suffering from multiple miscarriages and doctors warning her that her petite frame may not be able to carry four babies.

Standing at only 158 cm tall and weighing 52 kg, Lindsey was determined to carry the babies to full term. Against all odds, the three boys and one girl were born at 30 weeks, and seven months later, Lindsey shared a photo of her four grown-up babies on Instagram, which quickly went viral. She admitted that her body now bears new marks and folds, but the blessing of her children has given her new strength and powers she never had before.

Lindsey was thrilled to have surpassed the average gestation period for quadruplets and proved the doctor who doubted her wrong. However, the pregnancy was far from easy, and Lindsey suffered from extreme fatigue, sciatic nerve pain, and numb legs.

Her stomach was constantly tense, and she grew larger each day. She gave birth to the quadruplets on July 23, an experience she described as the most incredible moment of her life.

Although the babies initially required intensive care, they eventually went home with their happy mother. Lindsey remembers the feeling of pure joy and euphoria when she held all her babies in her arms without tubes and wires. She laughed and cried tears of happiness, knowing that her body had changed, but feeling blessed to have her children and never taking her life for granted.

Lindsey plans to recreate the photo of her babies when they turn 18 and is excited to see how much they will have grown by then.

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