Carla and Paul Crozier had struggled for years to complete their family, enduring multiple failed cycles of IVF and exhausting all their savings in the process.

In a final attempt at fertility treatment, the couple took out an £8,000 loan, and to their astonishment, they were blessed with the birth of identical quadruplets – an incredible one in 70 million chance. Prior to the quadruplets’ arrival, their daughter Darcie was born through reproductive treatment provided by the National Health Service.

After three years of trying to conceive a child using frozen embryos from the IVF procedure that produced Darcie, Carla became pregnant in January 2015. However, an ultrasound at eight weeks revealed the absence of a fetal heartbeat. Undeterred, the couple took out a loan and adopted a healthier lifestyle to increase their chances of success.

After many setbacks and disappointments, Carla and Paul were thrilled when their doctor revealed that Carla was carrying four fetal hearts at 12 weeks. On March 27, Isla Amelie was born first at 4:10 a.m., followed by Demi May, Alyse Jade, and Milla Leigh.

Despite initial concerns about having enough love for four children, Carla and Paul have discovered that their love for each of them is boundless, and their daughter Darcie adores her siblings.

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