Deborah, a devoted animal rescuer with 30 years of experience, recently encountered the “worst case of neglect” she had ever seen. A tiny white kitten, Gismo, was found deep in an outdoor trash can by a couple walking their dog in the village of Kesh, Ireland. The feline was so low that it was impossible for him to get there on his own, according to the veterinarian who examined him.

Despite his injuries, Gismo was fortunate to be rescued and receive the necessary treatment from the veterinarian. Deborah, a Good Samaritan, decided to take Gismo under her roof and give him all the love and care he needs. She believes that such abandonments are absolutely “shameful,” but unfortunately, they seem to be happening more and more.

Deborah’s dedication to animal rescue remains unwavering, and she will continue to take the greatest care of Gismo before he starts the next chapter of his existence. Gismo’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of showing compassion and kindness to all animals and the need for responsible pet ownership.



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