Heartbreaking images have emerged of a cat mourning the death of her kittens, who were brutally killed in China. One of the kittens was even decapitated by the unknown killer.

The kittens, who were too young to even open their eyes, were discovered by an old lady, Mrs. Yang, who has been taking care of homeless cats in the city of Xi’an for many years. Mrs. Yang often feeds the cats and provides them with boxes for shelter whenever they turn up.

However, her love for cats is not shared by many of the locals, who consider them pests or blame them for spreading diseases. Mrs. Yang discovered the two kittens and their mother one day and gave them a box, which she placed in a roadside garden near her home.

She left them in the box early in the morning but returned five hours later to discover the heartbreaking scene. The mother cat was pacing back and forth, meowing incessantly near her two dead kittens. One had its head cut off, while the other had been stabbed in the stomach.

Mrs. Yang buried the kittens nearby, but the mother cat refused to leave, seemingly distraught at her murdered offspring. Mrs. Yang tried to comfort her but felt helpless as the grief of the cat was palpable.

There was no surveillance footage of the cat killer, and local police had shown no interest in helping her find the culprit. Mrs. Yang was shocked and saddened by the cruelty of the act, saying, “The kittens were obviously killed, and by a knife. How could anyone be so cruel?”

The mother cat’s grief will never go away, and the heartbreaking images of her mourning her kittens serve as a reminder of the importance of showing compassion and kindness to all animals.

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