One day, Berry, an estimated 8-year-old dog, was hit by a car and left to die on the side of the road.

His owner received a call from a friend informing them of the incident and rushed to the scene to find Berry covered in blood and lying on the ground. The driver who hit him had fled the scene.

Without wasting any time, Berry was taken to the vet where he was treated for his injuries, including an IV, antibiotics, and painkillers. It was discovered that his front leg was broken, and he had a bullet in his neck, presumably from being shot by hunters. Despite his injuries, Berry remained a fighter, and with the help of the community, he slowly recovered.

Day by day, the community watched over Berry and named him. After 60 days of care and attention, Berry was ready for a new home. The community appealed for someone to adopt him, and soon, a loving owner was found. Although Berry was still scared of human touch, he got along well with other dogs and enjoyed being petted.

In the end, Berry’s story is one of hope and resilience. Despite being a victim of cruelty and neglect, his fighting spirit and the kindness of the community gave him a second chance at life. It serves as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, there is still hope for humanity, and kindness can make all the difference.

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