During a road trip from Mississippi to Illinois, sisters Amanda and Nicole Lightle noticed a malnourished dog wandering alone in the middle of the road. Without hesitation, they turned the car around to rescue the dog, later named Honey.

Initially, Honey was scared and evaded Nicole’s attempts to approach her. But when Amanda offered her a bag of pretzels, Honey became interested and allowed Amanda to pet her. With the help of a beach towel, the sisters were able to pick up Honey and take her back to the car.

Despite having nine and a half hours left in their journey, the Lightle sisters took Honey with them and stopped along the way to give her a bath. Honey was skinny and dirty, indicating that she had been wandering on her own for some time, and she had no collar, tags, or microchip.

When they arrived in Illinois, the Lightle family gave Honey another bath and treated her for ticks. Honey was nervous at first, but she gradually began to trust her new family. Now, she is settling into her new home and following Amanda around the house.

What started as an uneventful road trip ended with a new addition to the Lightle family.

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