Doctors advised Morales Osuna, a 30-year-old from San Diego, against carrying all four of her quadruplets to term, but she refused and gave birth to three girls and one boy via caesarean section after three years of fertility treatment.

Despite being advised to reduce the number of embryos, Morales and her husband, Isaac, decided to carry all four babies to term, and they are now the proud parents of four healthy children. Morales faced several fertility issues, including ovarian cysts, a blocked fallopian tube, and endometriosis, and became pregnant after two cycles of artificial insemination.

Doctors had warned the couple about the risks of multiple pregnancies and suggested reducing the embryos, but Morales and Isaac refused, unable to consider the idea of terminating any of their children. Fortunately, the pregnancy was without complications, and Morales didn’t even suffer from toxemia.

However, carrying quadruplets was not easy, and as the term progressed, it became increasingly difficult for her to breathe, and her stomach grew incredibly large. Doctors scheduled a caesarean section, and the operation was successful, with each baby weighing around 2 kg.

The couple considers their story a tale of hope and aims to inspire other prospective parents not to give up on their dreams of having children. They document their experiences online, highlighting the importance of perseverance and determination while sharing the milestones in their quadruplets’ development.

Although raising quadruplets is challenging, the couple is grateful for their blessings and describes their lives as a state of war as they juggle daily tasks such as feeding and swaddling all four babies at the same time. They had to seek help from nannies to establish a proper routine and manage the workload, which includes changing a minimum of 32 diapers daily, along with loads of laundry.

Despite the challenges, the couple is overjoyed to have a complete family and feels fortunate to have been able to give birth to all four of their children. They hope that their story will serve as an inspiration to others struggling with fertility problems and encourage them to keep striving towards their dream of having children.

“Our story is a story of hope. We finally have a real complete family,” says Morales with a sense of gratitude and fulfillment.

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