Take a look at these smiling babies! Their lovely faces are sure to brighten up your week.

Did you know that toddlers can grin up to 400 times a day? It’s no wonder, with so much love and support around them.

We want to share these adorable images of infants from our Child Survival Interventions program to bring some joy to your January.

Our programs in Haiti, Bolivia, Ghana, and Uganda have captured these precious newborns sleeping soundly.

Through our Child Sponsorship program, we are helping these young infants escape poverty as they grow older.

Infants born into poverty must survive their first 1,000 days.

That’s why we are working to help children in 25 countries, just like these sweet newborns.

Our Child Survival programs provide pre- and post-natal care, including check-ups, vaccines, and medical supervision throughout labor to keep mothers safe.

Our intervention program provides immunizations, vitamins, nutritional supplements, and growth assessments to help infants reach their first birthday.

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