Congratulations on welcoming a new baby! Now it’s time to capture those precious moments with lots of pictures. Baby’s first day can often feel like a blur to everyone involved, and looking back at photos can help moms recall some of the events. Before handing your camera to a friend or relative who has promised to capture it all, make a list of the photos you want to ensure are recorded before everyone falls asleep.

Here are the top 10 must-take photos on baby’s first day.


1.Meeting older siblings

In just a few short years, the older sibling(s) and the new baby might argue constantly, but the first moment when they meet is priceless. Capture this moment in a photo because you’ll want to cherish it when the bickering seems endless in the future.

2.Meeting the Parents

Capture a photo of the first moments when you meet your child to secure that memory forever.

3.Meeting the Grandparents

It’s a proud day for grandparents too. Capture their first glimpse of their grandchild to see what unconditional love really looks like.

4.Leaving a Footprint

The baby book has a space for your baby’s first footprint, but a photo of the moment is also precious. Be sure to capture a photo of your baby’s ink-stained feet too!

5.Baby’s Feet

Everybody loves to look at a baby’s tiny feet. Capture them before they’re kicking the swaddle off in the middle of the night.

6.First Funny Face

Whether it’s a photo of your baby’s first milk-drunk smile or a mid-yawn moment, it’s sure to make you smile for years to come.

7.Baby’s Deep Sleep

Sleeping like a baby takes on a whole new meaning in a little one’s first few days. That peaceful image is one parents may want to reflect back on when they’re up with the baby in the middle of the night a few weeks later!

8.First Time Held by Mom

Studies show that babies know their mother’s voices before they ever exit the womb. Capture the moment when mom sees her baby for the very first time, and the little one curls right into her, in a photo that mom will cherish forever.

9.Baby’s ID Tag

Some babies don’t have names for their first few days, only identified by the number on their ID tag. Take a picture of it to capture the point in time.

10.Grasping a Finger

It may be a primitive reflex (the palmar grasp reflex), but it’s still amazing when a newborn can grasp an adult’s finger and hold it tightly in its minutes-old hand.

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