A woman from Dallas, Texas, has given birth to her baby while she was fast asleep in the hospital bed. Laura Thompson, a teacher and mother of two, was admitted to the hospital on October 9, a week earlier than the due date, after suffering contractions caused by a car crash earlier on October 1.

Nurses induced her labor at 6 am and she received an epidural around 12 pm, but the labor “took forever to progress.” By 9 pm that day, she had lost feeling in her left leg, but doctors were not concerned as she was only dilated six centimeters. Upon the hospital staff’s advice, Thompson and her husband fell asleep around 10 pm, only to be awoken 20 minutes later by a nurse screaming, “baby in the bed!” Thompson’s newborn son, Jonesy, had delivered himself while she was asleep.

Thompson said that her nurse woke her up, moved the blanket to relocate the peanut ball she was using, and yelled “BABY IN THE BED!” and called for a code blue. “Jonesy was laying on my numb leg,” Thompson said. Her husband, Nathan, was snoring when the nurse came into the room, but quickly jumped up and joined the panic. “I honestly laughed when I saw him. I had felt him moving for so long that I just knew he was strong and okay. It was a surreal moment,” Thompson said.

Thompson’s nurse was “shook” and confessed that she had never seen a baby deliver itself in her three years of working in labor and delivery. Thompson said that although she felt some pressure on and off, it was not enough to keep her from sleeping. She had expected that Jonesy would need more time before he would be born. Thompson and her husband, who have been married since 2014, have two sons, including their newest addition, Jonesy. The couple is still in shock about their experience, but they are grateful for their healthy baby boy.

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