Love is a powerful emotion that can be expressed in countless ways. For children, it is important to feel loved and to see it demonstrated by their parents or caregivers. However, sometimes children can feel left out, jealous, or even hurt when they perceive a lack of attention or affection. A recent viral video of a baby girl bursting into tears every time her parents kissed in front of her has sparked a discussion about the importance of showing love to children and how it can affect them.

In the video, the baby girl named Ella breaks down in tears as her parents kiss in front of her. However, when they kiss her on the cheeks, she smiles happily and forgets about her tears. The parents repeated this process several times, and the baby girl’s reaction changed each time. The first time, she was confused and then started crying. The second time, she just whimpered a little, and the third time, she burst into tears again.

The father in the video, Matt Hanneken, explained that it was a bedtime ritual he and his wife had with all their children. They would kiss each child goodnight, and the boys would laugh and love it. However, Ella seemed to have a different reaction that night. She was sad and jealous when her parents kissed in front of her, which is understandable for a child that young who wants attention.

The video of Ella’s reaction has since gone viral, with millions of views. It is a reminder of how important it is for parents to show love to their children in different ways and how it can affect them emotionally. Children need to feel loved and secure, and when they do, they are better equipped to show love to others.

As Matt Hanneken said, “Love is an expression. For kids to know that they’re loved, they need to see it, they need to experience it so then they can show it to others as well.” It is important for parents to make their children feel loved, whether it is through physical affection, spending time together, or just showing interest in their lives. Children are the future, and the more love they receive, the better the future will be for everyone.

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