Breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful experience that connects mothers with their babies in a unique and special way. However, many new mothers struggle with body image issues and feel self-conscious about breastfeeding in public. That’s where Australian photographer Trina Cary comes in.

Cary recently conducted a rare and empowering photo shoot on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, featuring 14 mothers breastfeeding their children. Her aim was to help new mothers around the world embrace their postpartum bodies and feel more confident about breastfeeding in public.

“I want to help women learn to love the changes in their bodies after giving birth. We are all beautiful in our own way, and we should not compare ourselves to each other,” said Cary.

The photo shoot was a celebration of the diversity of motherhood, with women of different ages and backgrounds coming together to share their breastfeeding journeys. Cary was thrilled to see so many mothers participating in the shoot, including those with older children.

“I was absolutely ecstatic to see these mothers breastfeeding, and not just newborns. There were a variety of ages, a couple of 18 months and older, and to hear their journeys and realize for some of them it wasn’t an easy one,” she said.

Cary’s photo shoot is an important reminder that breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful part of motherhood that should be celebrated and supported. By showcasing the beauty and diversity of breastfeeding, she is helping to break down the stigma and shame that often surrounds it.

Her photos are a powerful message to new mothers everywhere that they are beautiful and strong, and that they should feel proud to breastfeed their children in public. Cary’s work is a celebration of motherhood in all its forms, and a testament to the power of photography to inspire and empower us all.

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