The birth of a baby is a magical and emotional experience for every parent. You finally get to hold your little one in your arms and marvel at their cuteness. However, there are many fascinating facts about newborns that are often overlooked. From their sense of smell to their preference for facing right, here are some surprising and impressive things you may not have known about your precious bundle of joy.

Babies Recognize Us by Our Scent

Newborns develop their sense of smell and taste before they are even born, which means they quickly learn to recognize us by our natural scent. This explains why they can be soothed when we cuddle them close. It’s a beautiful way of bonding with your baby.

Babies Learn to Talk in the Womb

While babies don’t emerge from the womb talking, they start to learn about language and sound while still in the womb. They can hear their mother’s voice and other sounds from about 23 weeks. So, talk to your baby while they are still in the womb, and they may recognize your voice once they are born.

They Cry Without Tears

Babies may cry often, but they don’t actually produce tears while crying until they are at least one month old. So, don’t worry if your baby cries a lot in the first few weeks without tears. It’s normal.

Their Stomachs Are Tiny

When born, newborn stomachs are the size of a hazelnut. This explains why they feed so often, as they cannot consume all the milk they need at once. But their stomachs grow quickly, and by the time they are ten days old, it is about the size of a chicken egg.

They Automatically Hold Their Breath Underwater

Newborns can naturally hold their breath when underwater and will continue to do so automatically if they are submerged in water up until they are about six months old. When they do this, their heart rate also slows to help them conserve oxygen. Thus, babies can survive much longer underwater than adults can.

They Prefer to Face Right

Babies usually prefer to face their heads right, especially when sleeping. Only 15 percent of newborns prefer to turn left when on their backs. This preference is related to a gene, similar to one that creates dimples, and usually fades in the first few months.

They Have More Bones Than Adults

When born, babies have around 300 bones in their bodies. Over time, these bones harden, and some fuse together. By the time they become adults, they are left with 206 bones. It’s incredible how their bodies develop and change over time.

In conclusion, newborns are more than just cute, cuddly creatures. They are complex beings with fascinating features and abilities. The next time you hold your baby, take a moment to appreciate the wonders of their little body and the amazing things they can do.

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