Meet Kristeen Marie Waddell, a passionate photographer based in Indianapolis who loves iced tea, purple, technology, and kids. Her love for photography started when she received a “modern” digital camera as a gift, and since then, she always carries a camera wherever she goes. In 2006, she decided to turn her hobby into a career and started KristeenMarie Photography, where she specializes in capturing the most special and impressive moments of babies and families.

Kristeen’s photography studio in Carmel, Indiana, has everything parents need for their newborn, including props, hats, scarves, hair accessories, baskets, backdrops, and lots of other accessories. Her love for newborn photography is evident in every shoot, and she adores capturing the beauty and innocence of these little angels, their smiles, and their lovely actions.

As a mother of four kids under six, Kristeen knows how to handle even the most challenging photo sessions. Recently, she had the pleasure of photographing a big family with four kids under six and a new baby brother, Aiden.

Despite the chaos that usually comes with such a shoot, Kristeen managed to capture the true love of this family with their new addition. Aiden’s due date was on Valentine’s Day, so she thought it would be appropriate to get him a picture in a heart-shaped bowl, which turned out to be a perfect fit for the little boy.

Kristeen’s approach to photography is simple yet effective. She takes inspiration from the reality of each family she plans to photograph and always strives to capture the most special and impressive moments to help them save great memories. Whether it’s a newborn shoot, a family portrait, or any other special occasion, Kristeen brings her passion and creativity to every project.

In conclusion, Kristeen Marie Waddell is a talented photographer who loves to capture the beauty of newborns and families. Her passion for photography and her ability to create stunning images have made her one of the most sought-after photographers in Indianapolis. If you’re looking for a photographer who can help you preserve your most precious memories, KristeenMarie Photography is the perfect choice.

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