As a young girl, she had always dreamed of motherhood as a perfect and idyllic world, free from the everyday struggles of life. She had imagined herself as a patient and loving mother, with limitless love and the ability to maintain control over her life. But as she reflects on her life as a mother, she realizes that theory and practice are two very different things.

She had always thought that having children would make her feel complete. And while her children do fill her life with joy and meaning, they are not her whole life. She still has her own space for personal growth, and a life as a working woman.

She had also thought that she wouldn’t worry so much, but as soon as her children came into her life, she found herself constantly fearing for them. She had imagined being a relaxed and fun mother like Mary Poppins, but instead, raising children can feel like being in the army, with constant demands and little time for relaxation.

Despite the challenges of motherhood, she knows that her children are worth it. They have taught her patience, love, and the ability to let go of control. And while her life as a mother may not be the perfect world she had imagined, it is a world that is more gratifying and meaningful than she ever could have imagined.

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