Sarah was a young woman with a heart full of compassion. She had always felt a strong desire to help those in need, and her work as a recreational therapist at a hospital in Haiti allowed her to do just that.

One day, she met a three-month-old baby named Nika who had been brought to the hospital by her mother. Nika was suffering from a rare condition that caused excess cerebrospinal fluid to accumulate in her head, and her mother was not providing the care she needed.

Despite the challenges, Sarah was determined to help Nika. She struggled to get proper medical care for the baby, as her mother was not cooperating. However, Sarah refused to give up. She made sure that Nika received free weekly medical treatments and even returned to Haiti after returning to the United States to continue helping her.

Sarah learned that Nika’s mother had tried to terminate the pregnancy by consuming toxic substances, and had even attempted to sell Nika to the Dominican Republic for “investigations.” Sadly, this was not an uncommon story for many children with disabilities in Haiti.

Sarah spent months taking care of Nika, and despite the odds, the little girl survived.

Sarah’s dedication and love for Nika touched the hearts of everyone who heard their story. Sarah’s actions were a reminder that even in the darkest of situations, there are still people who are willing to be angels and make a difference in the lives of those in need.

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