There’s nothing quite like the joy of holding a newborn baby in your arms, and when Bree Miller gave birth to her daughter Marley Rae, she couldn’t wait for her family to meet the newest addition. Two of Marley Rae’s cousins, both little girls, were eager to meet their new family member, and Bree captured the sweet moment on camera.

As Bree held and fed the baby, the two little girls were fascinated, reaching out to touch Marley Rae’s downy-soft hair. Finally, Bree placed the sleeping baby in her niece Tiffany’s arms, and the little girl was overwhelmed. She kissed the baby’s forehead, rubbing their noses together as she hugged the newborn, and then began to tear up.

Despite the baby crying at some point, the little girl continued to stroke her legs until she stopped. The pure and unconditional love that the toddler showed towards her baby cousin is a sight to behold and brings tears of joy to anyone who watches the heartwarming video.

Bree’s video has touched the hearts of many, showing that family love knows no bounds, age, or size. The bond formed between the two cousins, despite the age difference, is a testament to the power of love and the joy of new life.

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