Chanko was born in December 2017, and her parents knew right away that she was unique. With a whole mop of blue-black thick hair on her head, she was unlike any other baby they had seen before. While many infants have thick hair that falls out after a few months, Chanko’s remained. Even at six months old, her lion’s mane was as impressive as it was at birth.

Chanko’s mother, Mani Kano, decided to showcase her daughter’s amazing gift of nature and created a separate Instagram account for her. The baby quickly gained attention, and she now has over 360 thousand subscribers. Everyone is charmed by her luscious locks, and Chanko has even been noticed by media and advertising agencies.

At just one year old, Chanko became the face of a Pantene shampoo advertising campaign, alongside popular Japanese actress and national star Sato Kondo. Today, at four years old, Chanko is growing rapidly, and her hair has become less thick but remains as voluminous and eye-catching as ever.

Chanko is now invited to various Japanese TV shows and events, takes part in photoshoots for fashion magazines, and lives an active and fun childhood life. Despite her fame, Chanko remains a happy and loved little girl, adored by her parents and fans. Her hair may have brought her fame, but it’s her infectious smile and personality that have truly captured hearts around the world.

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