Alex Lewis and his wife Charlotte had longed to become parents for three years. Despite numerous attempts, they struggled to conceive until they turned to IVF treatments, and their dream of becoming parents was finally realized when they welcomed triplet baby girls.

The couple was ecstatic to hear the news, but their joy was tempered by the doctors’ warning that they might not all survive. In a heartbreaking decision, they were given the option to terminate two of their girls, giving the healthiest one the best chance of survival. However, they refused to give up on any of their precious babies.

On April 6, AnnaƄella Rose and Florence Violet, who were identical twins, and their sister, Lottie BlueƄell, were born and their parents’ lives changed forever. Alex, who documents the highs and lows of their journey, described their lives as a military operation, with the need to feed and change all three babies every four hours. But despite the hard work, he wouldn’t change it for the world.

Alex and Charlotte still make time for themselves amidst the chaos of raising triplets. They enjoy their weekly coffee in Costa, visit the seaside, go shopping, go out for dinner, and have even taken the girls to Center Parcs. Alex said it’s been amazing to show other parents that it’s possible to have multiples and still enjoy trips out.

The couple, who already have a son named Henry, were over the moon when their three girls were born healthy at 33 weeks and six days. AnaƄella Rose weighed 3lƄs 5oz, Florence Violet weighed 4lƄs 7oz, and Lottie BlueƄell weighed 2lƄs 14oz. After three weeks, they were all allowed to go home.

Alex and Charlotte plan to have one more child. They had two embryos implanted last year to double their chance of success, but they never imagined that one of them would split and form three babies. Despite their growing family and the increased costs of their weekly shopping bill, Alex claimed he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. He said, “There’s nowhere I’d rather be.”

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