Sharon Lewis had thought she was done with having babies at 47, with two grown-up children already. So when she found out that she was pregnant, it came as a complete shock. But the biggest surprise was yet to come – she was carrying triplets!

Lewis, a school cafeteria monitor, had not undergone any fertility treatments and had believed that it was impossible to conceive at her age. However, the doctors confirmed that the three little boys growing inside her were conceived naturally. This was a rare and remarkable occurrence that left everyone in awe.

The pregnancy was a challenging one, and Lewis had to be hospitalized early due to high blood pressure. The doctors decided to deliver the babies via C-section at 30 weeks to ensure their safety.

The arrival of Dylan, Denere, and Denard brought immense joy and wonder to Lewis and her family. Each baby weighed only two pounds at birth but has since grown to nearly four pounds. Lewis expressed her surprise and gratitude, saying, “This was all a big surprise to me, but it was a wonderful surprise.”

With a lot of help from her family, Lewis is excited to welcome the triplets home. Her older children are overjoyed to have three new siblings, and the family is looking forward to creating many happy memories together.

The incredible story of Sharon Lewis and her triplets has captured the hearts of many, and it’s a reminder that miracles can happen even when we least expect them.

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