Imagine having to make a decision that you regret for the rest of your life. That was the case for one woman, who had two abortions in her early twenties out of fear of disappointing others. But ten years later, she found love, got married, and became pregnant. She was overjoyed, but also scared – without insurance, she couldn’t afford genetic testing. And when her son was born with Down syndrome, her fears came true.

She was devastated, her soul was sore, but love came to her rescue. Friends and family brought meals and gifts, cried and laughed with her, shared beer and joined her in embracing all things Down syndrome. They gave her an even bigger family, where trials and monumental moments were shared.

And her son, with his special gift of growing compassion, pride, and acceptance in others, created an abundance of love that she had never felt before.

She had made mistakes in the past, but her son’s birth was the ultimate gift of redemption. She realized that God was not punishing her, but saving her, and that her son, with his extra chromosome, was not a burden or a mistake, but a blessing that saved her soul.

She urges the world not to eliminate Down syndrome through genetic testing and abortion, not just because it’s morally wrong, but because these children have a special ability to attract and grow love. They are worth the fear, the challenges, and the effort, and they will ultimately enrich and save our lives.

This mother’s journey of redemption is a powerful reminder of the triumph of love and support over fear and regret. It’s a call to embrace and celebrate diversity, and to believe in the power of acceptance and redemption.

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