Despite being one of the most natural experiences in the world, childbirth remains a taboo subject. However, a resource for birth photographers named “Birth Becomes Her” is shedding light on the topic by holding an annual birth photography contest.

Founded by Monet Moutrie and Jennifer Mason, the photo contest was launched in 2016 with the belief that birth photography is some of the most powerful documentary photography in our world and deserves to be showcased. “We hope that these stunning pictures help dispel fear,” Mason added.

Initially meant to spotlight breastfeeding images during World Breastfeeding Week in 2016, the contest quickly grew into a birth photo contest. Despite having only a couple of hundred submissions in the first year, the contest has grown and received well over 1,200 amazing photos from all over the world this year.

Through this contest, Birth Becomes Her captures the power and beauty of childbirth through photography. Each image is a testimony to the strength and resilience of women and the wonder of new life. It showcases the raw and unfiltered moments of childbirth, from the intense pain of labor to the euphoria of holding a newborn for the first time.

The photos in the contest are not just breathtakingly beautiful but also hold deep meaning for the families they represent. They capture the memories of a once-in-a-lifetime event and serve as a reminder of the incredible journey that gave birth to new life.

In conclusion, Birth Becomes Her is a powerful resource that captures the beauty and power of childbirth through photography. It is a reminder that birth is not just a physical act but also an emotional and spiritual experience that deserves to be celebrated and documented.

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