In 2013, the Baby Mama Dance challenge took the internet by storm, with popular YouTuber Starrrkeisha turning it into an internet sensation. Since then, many pregnant women have shared their own versions on YouTube, claiming that it helped induce their labor. But one woman’s Baby Mama Dance video went viral for a different reason.

Carla Chatwin, who was 32 weeks pregnant with triplets at the time, decided to partake in the challenge and presented her own “Triplet Version” of the dance. In the video, her babies looked ready to pop out at any moment, but Carla wanted to celebrate her growing belly and changing body.

However, Carla was disappointed to receive some criticism about showing her stomach, with some commenters even saying that her baby bump looked fake. Despite the negative comments, her dance went viral and garnered a lot of praise. Not only did Carla break it down and bust out some epic moves, but she was also joined by her husband and their adorable daughter, Gemma.

Carla’s dance was so energizing that she went into labor shortly after. Her triplets, Reese, Royal, and Wren, were born premature and spent only 20 days in the NICU before going home.

Many pregnant women have claimed that dancing helped induce their labor, and Carla’s Baby Mama Dance video is proof of that. Her viral video not only celebrates the beauty of pregnancy but also shows that dancing can be a fun and effective way to prepare for childbirth.

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