The news of a 101-year-old woman giving birth to her 17th child has left many people surprised and shocked. Apatolia Vertadella, from Italy, defied the odds of becoming pregnant at such an advanced age. But how could this be possible? After all, a woman’s chances of getting pregnant decrease significantly after the age of 40.

Apatolia revealed the truth behind her story, which shocked everyone. At the age of 48, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had to have her ovaries removed to save her life. This meant giving up the opportunity to have more children. However, years later, Apatolia decided she wanted another child and requested a new ovary transplant. This illegal and controversial surgery was secretly carried out at a private clinic in Turkey.

Apatolia’s decision to undergo the ovary transplant has sparked a heated debate on the ethical and moral issues surrounding this type of surgery. In some countries like Turkey and India, ovary transplant surgery is not uncommon, and it is often performed on cancer patients who want to have children or those who want to change their gender.

Despite the controversy, Apatolia’s family and friends have expressed their happiness and support for her decision. She found a sperm donor to father her child, and she is now considered the oldest mother to give birth at the age of 101. The previous record belonged to Malegwale Ramokgopa, a South African mother who gave birth at the age of 92.

Apatolia’s story highlights the power of modern medicine to help people achieve their dreams of having children, even at an advanced age. However, it also raises questions about the ethical and moral implications of such procedures and the risks involved. It is a story that will continue to be discussed and debated for some time to come.

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