A retired Anglican priest and his wife from Nigeria have welcomed triplets after waiting for 26 years. The couple’s joy and gratitude knew no bounds upon receiving the miraculous news of the arrival of their three children.

The 71-year-old father, Reverend Canon Ogunmodede, and his wife, Mrs. Margaret Ogunmodede, had been trying for a child for over two decades without success. Despite multiple attempts at conception through various medical interventions, the couple had resigned themselves to the idea that they would never have children of their own.

However, all of that changed when Mrs. Ogunmodede became pregnant last year, much to the couple’s surprise and delight. The pregnancy progressed smoothly, and on May 31, 2021, the proud parents welcomed their three healthy babies – two boys and a girl – via cesarean section.

The couple’s story has captivated the hearts of people worldwide, with many expressing their joy and congratulations through social media and other platforms. The arrival of the triplets has been seen as a miraculous event, offering hope and inspiration to couples struggling with infertility.

The Ogunmodede family’s journey serves as a reminder that miracles can happen even after years of waiting and that it’s essential to never give up hope. Their story has also highlighted the importance of access to quality healthcare and medical interventions for couples struggling with infertility.

In conclusion, the birth of triplets to a retired Anglican priest and his wife in Nigeria after 26 years of waiting is a remarkable event that has touched the hearts of people worldwide. Their story serves as a beacon of hope for others struggling with infertility and highlights the importance of never giving up hope.

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