Motherhood is considered one of the most beautiful experiences universally, but not everyone can become a mother due to various reasons. Kris Monsour from Ohio had always desired to have children, but after years of unsuccessful attempts, she gave up on her dream. Despite a brief pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage, her doctor advised her to accept her fate and stop trying. Kris’s journey to parenthood has been filled with obstacles, leading to trauma, anxiety, and hopelessness.

Unexpectedly, Kris’s life dramatically changed with an unanticipated phone call from her cousin, who asked if she would consider adopting her unborn child. Despite being 48 years old at the time, Kris and her husband Clay agreed to adopt the child, and they were with her throughout the pregnancy and birth. Since adopting their daughter Ainsley in March, Kris and Clay’s lives have been transformed, and they have been overjoyed despite the mental and financial toll of the adoption process.

However, Kris has faced criticism for having a child at a later age, with some people calling her “selfish” and predicting that she will not live to see her daughter reach adulthood. Others have criticized her for adopting a child at a later stage in her life. Despite the harsh comments, Kris’s love for her daughter remains steadfast, and she has received online support and praise from many people.

In conclusion, Kris’s story highlights the challenges that some people face when trying to become parents and emphasizes the importance of supporting and celebrating those who adopt children, regardless of their age or circumstances.

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