Jessi Hempel’s brother, Evan, who came out as transgender 16 years ago, recently gave birth to his first child. Despite undergoing hormone treatment, Evan kept his female reproductive organs, including his breasts, in case he wanted to breastfeed or “chest-feed” his child someday.

Three years ago, Evan stopped taking testosterone shots and underwent artificial insemination to finally give birth to a baby boy last spring.

While pregnancy can be a difficult time for many trans men, leading to identity confusion and depression due to the necessity of stopping hormone treatments and the imposition of their female biology, Evan’s experience was almost entirely positive. He expressed his excitement and appreciation for his body’s ability to give birth, stating that it was a “cool” experience.

Six days after Evan gave birth, Jessi visited him and witnessed him chest-feeding his child. She asked him if the process of pregnancy had changed him and made him question his masculinity, to which Evan replied that he had always felt like himself and like a guy.

Evan’s experience is a testament to the incredible progress and acceptance that the trans community has achieved, and it serves as a reminder that we should celebrate and respect everyone’s unique journeys.

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