A mother in the UK underwent an emergency caesarean section at 29 weeks pregnant after one of her twin girls tore her umbilical cord. Sadly, one of the babies did not survive despite the medical team’s efforts to resuscitate her.

To help in the grieving process, the hospital allowed the family to spend 15 days with the baby who passed away using a cooling cot, which enabled them to bathe and hold her and even introduce her to her other siblings before she was cremated.

The mother believes that her daughter died to save her twin sister and does not plan to leave her out of their lives. They even plan to buy her a present for Christmas.

“We want to show people that it is possible to spend time with your baby after they die and that you can keep memories of them. Her face was so perfect. I didn’t want to leave her alone,” the mother commented.

The woman was going through a high-risk pregnancy due to a malformation in her uterus that increased the risk of her babies being born prematurely. At 29 weeks pregnant, while at home, she went into labor and was immediately taken to the hospital for an emergency C-section.

After the sad news, the couple was moved to another hospital room where a cooling cot was located. There they placed the baby who had passed away and allowed them to visit her every day for two weeks so they could spend time with her inside the hospital. They even took her to be with her sister in the incubator, and they also let her share moments with her older brothers, who are 2, 4, and 5 years old.

After these two weeks, the couple chose a cute dress for their baby for the cremation ceremony. Then she was bathed and dressed for the last time. “I washed her skin and her hair. It was like bathing any of my other children. We took some pictures of the girls together, and then the undertaker came to take her away.”

After all this, the couple decided to keep their baby’s ashes in their room, and they comment that she is constantly in their thoughts.

The mother believes that her daughter died trying to save her sister when her umbilical cord was cut, triggering labor. If this had not happened, the doctor would not have noticed the problem, and her other daughter would also have died.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her. We include her in everything we do because we want to keep her memory alive. We will continue to include her in everything.”

The use of cooling cots is increasing in hospitals every year. There are many mothers who, after the painful process of giving birth to a stillborn baby, want the opportunity to spend a few days with them before the funeral.

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