Argentina is one of the most successful footballing nations in the world, with a rich history of producing some of the greatest players to ever grace the game. Over the years, the Albiceleste have had a number of lethal strikers who have scored goals for fun. In this article, we will take a closer look at Argentina’s leading all-time top goal scorer and some of the country’s most lethal strikers.

Argentina’s Leading All-Time Top Goal Scorer

The honor of being Argentina’s leading all-time top goal scorer goes to none other than Lionel Messi. The Barcelona superstar has scored a staggering 76 goals in 149 appearances for his country. Messi made his debut for Argentina in 2005 and has been a regular fixture in the squad ever since. He has won numerous titles with the national team, including the Copa America in 2021 and the Olympic gold medal in 2008.

Messi’s goalscoring record for Argentina is truly remarkable. He has scored in every major tournament he has played in, including the World Cup, the Copa America, and the Confederations Cup. Messi is also the top scorer in the history of La Liga, with 474 goals in 520 appearances for Barcelona.

Other Lethal Strikers for Argentina

While Messi is undoubtedly Argentina’s leading all-time top goal scorer, the country has produced a number of other lethal strikers over the years. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • Gabriel Batistuta: Batistuta is considered one of the greatest strikers in Argentine football history. He scored 56 goals in 78 appearances for the national team. Batistuta was known for his powerful shooting and his ability to score goals from seemingly impossible angles.
  • Hernan Crespo: Crespo is another Argentine striker who had a prolific international career. He scored 35 goals in 64 appearances for the national team. Crespo was a clinical finisher who had a great sense of positioning in front of goal.
  • Diego Maradona: While Maradona is better known for his dribbling skills and his creative flair, he was also a lethal striker for Argentina. He scored 34 goals in 91 appearances for the national team. Maradona‘s most famous goal for Argentina was the “Hand of God” goal in the 1986 World Cup quarter-final against England.

    MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – JUNE 29: Diego Maradona of Argentina holds the World Cup trophy after defeating West Germany 3-2 during the 1986 FIFA World Cup Final match at the Azteca Stadium on June 29, 1986 in Mexico City, Mexico. (Photo by Archivo El Grafico/Getty Images)
  • Sergio Aguero: Aguero is one of the most successful Argentine strikers of recent times. He has scored 42 goals in 100 appearances for the national team. Aguero is a clinical finisher who has scored goals at every level of the game.


Argentina is a country that has produced some of the greatest footballers in history, and their strikers are no exception. Lionel Messi is the leading all-time top goal scorer for the Albiceleste, with a record that may never be broken. However, the likes of Batistuta, Crespo, Maradona, and Aguero have all left their mark on the national team with their lethal goalscoring ability. As Argentina continues to produce talented footballers, it will be interesting to see who the next great striker will be to wear the famous blue and white stripes.

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